Editor's Corner

   First of all I'd like to say Happy New Year to all the readers out there. This is my first segment of The Editor's Corner and I will spill my beliefs and opinions all over the page. Let's get started.
   How long will it be until Scoot Andrews gets noticed by the Fed? This guy is simply awesome. A tireless worker who can do it all. The Black Nature Boy moniker is a good one. He currently holds belts all along the East Coast. I'd suggest checking out this future WWF superstar at an indy show, just so you can say you watched him while he was a relative unknown. I bet it won't be too long until Mr. McMahon gives the kid a look.
   Major Pain and Private Area's "Dishonorable Discharge" is perhaps the most lethal finisher I've ever witnessed in my 20 years of watching the sport. The massive Area holds the victim up as Major Pain delivers a high savate kick to the face. In the same motion Private Area then delivers a spinebuster. Absolutely outstanding. You can hear the air leaving the lungs of their opponent as he hits the mat.  
    It's time to hang them up. George Steele please have a little dignity and enjoy your golden years. I recently saw a match featuring "The Animal" and was embarrassed for the guy. His workrate was non existent, he was beyond slow and the match he was in was a complete bore. I don't know if it's the competitive spirit in Steele that keeps him wrestling or just the need for money. If it's the latter I suggest he goes back to making movies (he was great in ED WOOD). I'd personally rather watch an up and comer than a washed up former star.
    I recently bought a World Class tape (est. 1980) off Ebay. Of course the Von Erich's were featured heavily, but to my disbelief King Kong Bundy sported a full head of curly black locks. I never saw Bundy with hair and thought it was hilarious. Note to Bundy, Great idea shaving it off.     
  Well that's all for this issues Editor's Corner. Thanks for reading.

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