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Independent Manager/Valet Links:

  • Andrea-
    This 2nd degree black belt is not to be messed with, her beauty should not subtract from her earning an MBA and managing the top stars at KYDA Pro.

  • Devin Sturgis - Tremendous T&A-
    You've seen all the plastic, surgically enhanced T&A around ring side...this is all natural, and much more of it. Come take a look at what a REAL manager is like. Drop me an email and I'll be happy to tell you just how stupid and worthless you are.

  • Fabulous Frank's World-
    The site of the best independent manager in the state of Florida, and everywhere else for that matter.

  • Just a Taste of Sugar-
    SUGAR -- Valet and wrestler-in-training who isn't afraid to get in the ring and help her men out  

  • MissKara-
    Independent valet for the East Coast

  • Mortimer Plumtree-
    The Midwest's most talked about, albeit most controversial, pro wrestling manager!

  • My Valentina-
    The official webpage of Jesery All Pro manager, Valentina