Indy results from around the country.

Batesville, AR

Hillbilly Tiny
Mr. OG Harley

North Central Championship Wrestling in Arkansas. This was a hard hitting, power move match with 2 of the biggest men in the business going
at it. Tiny began to get a slight advantage on Harley when
Harper's Ring all came rushing out:  Jeremy James, Dangerous Dave, Dave
Rodgriguez, and Johnny Harper (now sporting a big brace on his left knee).
James slid in the ring and bashed Tiny with a chair.  The Ref immediately called
for the bell as they all (including Harley) started stomping on Tiny and whipping
him with a belt. 
Other Bouts:
Dave Rodriguez defeated Love Doctor. Mac
Daddy  pinned "the Mekanik"
Kid Steel.


Raleigh, NC


Southern Championship Wrestling TV taping in Raleigh. Manager BC turned on Q-Sic and cost him the match. He then got Scab to turn on the fans and join the Brotherhood.  Toad,  Otto Schwanz & Ali Steele attacked Q-Sic and bloodied him.  CW Anderson, Kross, Lazz, and Dewey Cheatum all came to Q-Sic's aid. A huge brawl erupted and it excited the North Carolina crowd.
Other Bouts:
 Malaki defeated Too Damn Badd
Lazz pinned Caprice Coleman
Natrone Steele (w/ Persephone) defeated William Wealth


Coconut Joe
Kid Karnage

Empire Wrestling Federation action in Fontana, CA. The teenaged Karnage attacked Joe before the bell. The Carribean born veteran was on the receiving end of some amazing shots by the Kid. It seemed the match was almost over before it started. Coconut Joe then reversed a neckbreaker and gained control over his much younger opponent. Joe missed a flying Coco Headbutt and the young prodigy rolled him up for the pin. 
Other Bouts:
Robbie Rampage pinned Vizzion. The California continued his winning streak with a victory over Paranoia. Frankie Kazarian & The Big Kahuna defeated John Black & Tommy Wilson.
































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