Commissioner Yamamoto "My Hands are Tied"

  Commissioner Ricky Yamamoto of the NAWF is steaming mad and for good reason. The Dastardly trio of Matt Longtime, Rockin Randy, and Eric Freedom are running amok in the Midwestern based promotion. Every victory by them is tainted, every opportunity to cheat is taken, and Yamamoto is  powerless to stop them. "I've tried everything in my power to stop them but at this point my hands are tied" states Yamamoto. Recently at a television taping,  Rockin Randy scored a victory over The Wisconsin Chicken in less than 10 seconds. "I know the Chicken doesn't have the best won/loss record, but c'mon losing in 10 seconds" "I knew something was up" said Yamamoto. So Yamamoto went into the ring and pulled the mask off the Wisconsin Chicken. Underneath the mask was an imposter, Randy's old running buddy Eric Freedom.  So Yamamoto declared the match a no contest and then ordered Rockin Randy to face the real Wisconsin Chicken. Out came the Chicken and to the delight of the crowd upset the hated Randy. "Score one for me and the NAWF" yelled an enthusiastic Yamamoto. Unfortunately like the police, for every one crime solved three go unsolved. One can only hope that Yamamoto is the new sheriff in town and not Barney Fife.                                                                                                                                                                                         

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