Big Tony and The Family 
Creating Chaos in the NAWC


    North American Championship Wrestling's motto is "Back To Basics" The word Wrestling is on the marquee and that's what it's all about down in North Carolina. The NACW's roster features a virtual whos who in  wrestling today. Names like Reverend Slim, The Barbarian, Stan Lane, Ricky Morton, Carnage, Danny Dollar, Black Angel, Lord Everette Devore and of course Big Tony Cicero. Big Tony, the most hated man in North Carolina, the man who guarantees the end of Black Angel's career, is running amok along with his "Family" in the NACW. 
    Big Tony Cicero currently manages The Lumberjacks ( Big Wood & Big Daddy Al Crowley) and Eddie Golden. The Family (his Stable) is terrorizing all that venture into the territory and have become a thorn in the fan's side. Big Tony turned the once popular Big Wood onto the ways of rulebreaking,  Since winning the titles in a tournament, The Lumberjacks have become an unstoppable force. All thanks to the guidance of Big Tony Cicero. "Fans won't bring you the title, but Big Tony will" states Cicero.. "No team will get the titles from my boys, we'll hold the titles until we don't want them any more" he says. Maybe he's right. Legendary Tony Atlas came to town looking for a fight with Big Daddy. Cicero gave his wrestler a strategy and Atlas was defeated under 4 minutes. "We're ready for anything thrown at us" says Tony. "We'll take on any comers and won't back down".
     Lately Bad Brad Hunter has teamed up with different opponents trying to wrestle the belts from the Lumberjacks. He even teamed up with pro wrestling great Masked Superstar, but was unable to get the belts. "That punk (Hunter) is just like the Black Angel, always sticking his nose into the Family's business"  Big Tony has vowed to end Black Angel's career and has recently offered a bounty of  $25,000 for anyone that does it.
    Big Tony interferes in matches and he breaks the rules with blatant disregard. Tony Atlas went home defeated. The Masked Superstar couldn't get the Tag Straps. Black Angel has to be fearing for his career. If it takes a cheapshot for the pin or distracting the ref, Big Tony finds a way to keep the belts on The Lumberjacks. Love him or hate him, Big Tony is creating a stir in the Carolinas and has to be dealt with in one way or another.



Wilmington, NC
Coast Line Convention Center
January 12th 2002

Bad Brad Hunter and The Original Masked Superstar
defeated The Lumberjacks by Disqualification when Big Tony Cicero interfered. The Lumberjacks lost the match but retained the title.

The Lumberjacks and Big Tony continue to run over everybody in NACW. This week it was Brad Hunter and Eddie Golden in their paths. You don't want to miss this one!

The Lumberjacks have been making a sweep of the Tag Team tournement so far. Click the image to see Big Wood give Bad Brad a helpful hand.