Prince Nana's Plot to destroy the Cheetah Master

   If history has tried to teach us anything, it's that stupidity is the last refuge of evil. Prince Nana has
turned that refuge into a palace. 
   Nana, 2 time holder of the New York title in USA Pro Wrestling, was USA Pro's most hated wrestler. The former head of the Sons of Nubia (that also included The New Dynamite Kid and Biggie Brooklyn), recently invaded ECWA wrestling and declared that he would destroy the popular Cheetah Master. 
  After losing a title shot to champion Scoot Andrews, Nana set his sights on Cheetah Master. During a recent show in which Christopher Daniels, Reckless Youth, and Crowbar were being inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame by Cheetah Master, Nana appeared on the giant ECWA-Tron. Nana was at Cheetah's brand new fitness center in Bear, Delaware. He then proceeded to wreck the place and destroy thousand's of dollars worth of equipment. Cheetah was furious and declared he'd get revenge. 
 Cheetah may get his revenge December1st, when he faces Nana in a grudge match. Will Prince Nana succeed  in destroying Cheetah Master? Will he drive him out of wrestling as promised? No one knows but Nana..




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