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Newport News, VA
In perhaps one of the most shocking incident VCW (Virginia Championship Wrestling) has ever witnessed, Idol X came out to "wrestle" a match accompanied by Dexter Holley, whom had been banned from the building. One can only assume that Idol X not only let the man in, but asked him to be his manager that evening.
After the match, that should have ended in a disqualification.  Bradshaw had a few words for both Dexter Holley and Idol X . Idol  and Holley had the opportunity on two previous occasions to bash VCW and its promoters, and this time Bradshaw decided it was time to respond.
After the comments, Holley nailed Bradshaw face-first with an actual household appliance   a 5ft tall oscilating fan!                   (Idol X)
 It wasn't over! Later in the evening after the Main Event, Idol X climbed from the balcony (after being bannished to the crowd by the remaining promoters) and attacked Pat Cusick. He proceeded to wrap a leather belt around Cusick's neck and throw him over the top rope and hang him! It is obvious now that this has become way too personal!
Vale, NC
 ACW (APPALACHIAN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) Buddy Landel was suspended for 2 months for interfering in TNT Tommy Guns match. His suspension is over but the ACW can't get in touch with him. Will he be signed to a new contract?
Tacoma, WA
 Avalanche defeated Shooter in a Chain match for the PWF Heavyweight Championship. These two have been feuding for some time and the title has changed hands a couple of times. 

Edgerton, WI
 NAWF (North American Wrestling Federation) fan favorite Friar Flanagan has vowed revenge on rival Derek Saint Holmes. The crafty snob from the Hamptons has cheated his way to victories over the popular Flanagan. "My only goal is to defeat that lowlife" declares the whiskey drinking Friar.














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